Saturday, November 7, 2015


I don't feel like typing out each day, so I'm just going to throw something together. Sorry if it's confusing. 

For pday, we went to the chapel with the Elders & made Chinese hot pot. Sister Faiv also taught me how to serve a volleyball so when we play with the youth I can amaze everyone with my (lack of) skills. 

On Tuesday, we went to London to pick up Sister Faiv's new companion, Sister Wright. We were all a bit sad because we were going to miss being in a trio, but it's been nice that we can now focus on the work & our areas a lot more. Sister Faiv & Wright are still in our ward, so we see them all the time & meet them for lunch or dinner a couple days a week. 

We are finding a lot of amazing people to teach & are excited for this month because we are expecting a couple baptisms (yay!!!!). Since Sister Chou can speak Chinese, we are taking full advantage of that & 90% of our investigators are from China. They have so much desire to learn & have helped build my testimony as we have taught each of them. Man, I am so pumped to see each of them continue progressing in the gospel. 

Halloween in England is not as crazy as it is in America. I honestly forgot it was Halloween until we got into town & I saw a couple children dressed up. Sister Chou & I had four appointments we were supposed to go to on Halloween, but every single one of them cancelled. So we ended up making caramel apples for the members with the Elders. They tasted gross, but it's the thought that counts hahaha. 

On Sunday, we got to teach the sunbeam class! Oh my days. Cutest kids I've ever met. They were all three years old & so excited to be taught by the missionaries. So excited that it was hard to calm them down & the majority of the time was spent telling them to stop climbing on the table & chairs. I don't know how primary teachers do it every week. 

Thank you for everything! Keeping being you because you're the best ❤️

Sister Sydney Johannes

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