Monday, February 2, 2015


Dear Brethern,

Having been called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I, Sydney Jean Johannes, wholeheartedly accept all the duties and responsibilities of a Full-time Missionary in the England London Mission. Having a firm testimony in the Gospel, my Father in Heaven, and the atonement,  it is with great pleasure that I accept this call to labor among the people of England.
Growing up in a small town in Colorado with a very small population of Latter-Day Saints, my family had the missionaries over for meals multiple times a week. The moment I first met the missionaries was the moment I decided I wanted to serve a mission. They all stood as great examples to me and I strived to become like each and everyone of them. I want to be that example to those I teach. I want to plant seeds in the hearts of everyone I meet. I want to invite others to come unto Christ. So many of my friends and family were, and many still are, without a knowledge of the goodness of our Heavenly Father and the power that the atonement could have in their life. I want to share this wonderful gift so that others can know the joy that this Gospel brings.

With this desire I will strive to develop Christlike attributes and stand as a witness of God. Being a missionary of God is not an easy task for we will be held accountable for everything pertaining in spreading and building forth the Kingdom of God on Earth, but I am excited to embark on this journey regardless of the difficulties I will face.

Although it will not be easy to leave my family and friends for 18 months, I know that what I am doing is what the Lord truly needs me to do. I will dedicate every minute of my days to preaching the gospel and will pray to have the spirit with me at all times, to  guide me in the direction that I need to move in. With an eye single to the glory of God, I will serve my brothers and sisters and invite them to come unto Christ. Again, I am greatly humbled and thankful to accept the privilege of being part of the great and marvelous work of God.

Sister Sydney Johannes

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