Thursday, January 22, 2015


I submitted my mission papers exactly one week ago, January 15th, 2015!

It feels so unreal. I only have a week left until I find out where I'm going to spend 18 months of my life. It doesn't seem like I'll actually get my mission call though, I've waited so long for this day so it doesn't seem like it'll ever really come.

Saying goodbye to my best friend/little sister. 

In other news. I'm in my second semester of college at Brigham Young University & I couldn't be more grateful to be a part of this university. I am surrounded by students who live the same standards as me & even if they aren't a member of my faith, they know enough about it to respect it. This university is unlike any other.

There have been so many firsts these last few months.

This was my first time sharing a room with someone since elementary school.

My first time being a part of a class this big. Boy do I miss the days when my whole class consisted of 45 kids.

The first time I didn't know anyone so Morgan (roommate) & I had to resort to this to make friends. 

My first Sunday in a singles ward feat. Morgan & Matt Wanlass.

My first college football game with Kendall & Morgan. Did I mention we were on the second row??

My first time having a squad, even if it only lasted a few days before we realized how lame it was.

My first time dying my hair & having a really really hard time looking in the mirror afterwards. 

My first time living with 5 other girls & growing to love each & every one of them.

The first time Jordan (best friend for probs eternity) had to drive 4+ hours to visit me. That's way longer than the 2 minute drive we had when we lived down the street from each other. 

These last few months have been harder than I ever imagined, but everything has been worth it. I have grown up so much & learned so many important lessons. Being away from my family has been so difficult & I miss them more & more every day, but I've been able to make a new family here with all of my roommates & friends. 

I'm so beyond blessed to be where I am at in my life. 

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