Monday, January 11, 2016


Oh my days. This week has been crazy. Every time there is transfers I vow to myself that I am going to donate all of my clothes & just live out of one suitcase because carrying heavy suitcases around the trains & tubes is practically impossible. 

On Wednesday we woke up at 3:30am & left for London at 4:30 with the Elders. We didn't have to be in Hyde Park until 8:30, so we ended up being two hours early. So we parked the car & then roamed around London trying to find a place to get breakfast. Then we went to the chapel & waited. At 7:45 we left to go to the tube. The Elders had to help us carry Sister Chou's bags because they were so heavy. I couldn't even lift one of them (not that I'm that strong... But still). At one point, I had gotten all the bags on the tube & hopped on as well, then the doors closed & left Sister Chou behind. So I had to get off at the next stop & wait for her hahahaha. 

When we finally got to Euston Station, we met our new companions & then I traveled back to Hyde Park with Sister Lung! We met the Elders there & then tried to shove 9 bags into a Toyota Yaris. The. Car. Was. So. Full. Seriously, I don't know how we all fit in there with the 9 suitcases. But we did! And after a 3 hour car trip, we made it back to our flat. 

Thursday we had a good day, we stopped by some potential & former investigators, did our progress record, & saw Tan. He taught us the restoration & did so good! On our way home, I tried to teach Sister Lung how to rap & beatbox (even though I don't know how to rap or beatbox). Oh & sister Lung ran in front of a moving car & almost died! So I almost killed my companion & we've only been together for 2 days. 

Friday was a day full of miracles! We had weekly planning in the morning, then we went to the Uni to meet one of our friends, but his phone wasn't working so he didn't show up & we had to reschedule. After, we went to stop by some more formers & potentials. While we were tracting, we had to use the toilet but no one let us come in. Then I saw a house & felt a huge prompting to knock on their door. They ended up inviting us in (they let us use the toilet!) & were really interested in what we had to share with them. We got their phone numbers & invited them all to church (miracle!). 

After, we stopped by someone named Caroline. But the person who opened the door was a (mostly) naked Romanian man. He didn't understand anything we were saying, so he got all six of his other huge Romanian friends to come down & talk to us. We ended up committing all six of them to come to church with us (miracle)! 

Then we stopped by Sister Bueno's house so Sister Lung could meet her. She ended up making us really good food (miracle!) & while we were eating, another Brazilian family came over (miracle!). We shared a message with all of them about Jesus Christ & they loved it (miracle!). At the end, Sister Lung was talking to the Bueno family & I started talking to the father of the other family. I set up a return appointment with him & they committed to come to church with us (MIRACLE)!!!  

Saturday we had zone training meeting, then we made cookies & had an appointment with one of our friends. We taught him the Plan of Salvation & he committed to baptism on Feb. 29th (miracle!) 

This week has been so crazy, but so good. I miss all of you so much & hope you are having s good new year! Love you! 

Sister Sydney Johannes

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