Thursday, April 14, 2016


This week we had zone conference & we got to go to Hyde Park for it! So we decided to be the average tourist & wake up at 5am to go to a posh cereal cafe in London. We met another district in London & all went together. The place is called Cereal Killer Cafe (our district leader was so confused when we said we wanted to go there cuz he thought we meant serial killer not cereal killer...). It was pretty much just overpriced cereal, but I love cereal so it's okay. 

White Cliffs with the crew
So after being temporally fed, we decided to go to zone conference & get spiritually fed (sorry that's so cheesy). Zone conference was great though! Way better than posh cereal. We talked a lot about Jesus Christ & his atonement & I learned so much about how I can become a better missionary/disciple/person. I'm pretty sure I said this last week, but being on a mission is seriously the best because we are able to not only change our behaviours, but our natures. As we apply the atonement into our lives, we are able to overcome all of our weaknesses & become the person God sees as our potential. And the mission is (one of) the best places to do it! 

When I go home, it's not going to matter if I was the best finder in the mission, or a master teacher, or that I baptised the most people. What my family will see is the change the mission had on me. They will see the growth (spiritually, emotionally, & hopefully physically #short) I went through & the person I've become. They will never see that I had the highest member presents or the most people on date for baptism. They will only see the impact that my missionary service had on me, individually. 

Idk, I've just been thinking about that a lot lately... I'm sorry if that was confusing... It made more sense in my head, I promise. 

Anyways, random things that happened: 

- I got a package in the mail with an interesting looking skirt in it (it was see through). The package had no return address or letter inside. It was seriously just my address, UK postage, & a skirt. #solvethemystery of the transparent skirt
London Graffiti
- My investigator says he likes to meditate to receive answers to prayers, so in call-ins with my district leader I called him the master mediator & now everyone keeps saying medi-tater, like tater tots. 
- I keep wanting to talk all the time (like in lessons & finding) so Sister Carr was making fun of me & said "Sister Johannes is an independent woman who don't need no companion." Now we laugh all the time cuz we think we are so funny. 
- I'm really bad at telling funny stories. 
Sisters at the White Clifffs
- I went on exchange & we ended up accidentally posing for an advertisement for alcohol lol. 
- Sister Carr blew her soup up in the microwave (remember when I said I blew my hot chocolate up?) 
- We are going to have a baptism every weekend (besides conference weekend) until the middle of April! Yassss!!! 
- Two transfers ago I had to give a training in district meeting on patience, & this coming week I have to give another training on patience (& charity). Clearly I need to learn an important lesson. 
- I have been eating so many vegetables recently, my mom would be so proud. 
- We made a bet with the Elders that if we found a certain number of investigators by last Friday they would give me a smoothie, & we won, so now I'm going to get a smoothie. It's been over 9 months since I've had one. Crying tears of joy right now. 

Sister Smith is finally leaving to her actual mission in Arizona

Sister Sydney Johannes

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