Thursday, April 14, 2016


If I'm being completely honest, I have no idea what I wrote about in last weeks email, which means I have no idea what I'm going to talk about in this weeks email. 

I love being a missionary though! You are in an atmosphere where you can focus solely on the gospel & on others. One thing I've learned on my mission is the importance of forgetting myself in the work. When I dedicate my whole heart to the Lord, I am able to become the person God sees as my potential. I am able to be shaped into the kind of person I never thought I could be. And it's when I sacrifice my will for God's will that this change is able to take place. 

Anyways, the highlights of the week:

- Our friend from Brazil will be getting baptised on March 26th! She is inviting all of her friends & family to church & to meet with us as well. She is so amazing! 

- We got a referral from another sister in the mission & it was for an 18year old Albanian boy. We called him right away & set up an appointment for Saturday. When we taught him, he was so excited to be baptised & was willing to work toward the date of April 16th. After church in Sunday, we were talking with him & he says he believes Joseph Smith is a prophet & that the Book of Mormon is true, & wants to be baptised sooner! He also said he will serve a mission after he is baptised! 

- We visited an investigator of the elders & his mom to give her a Book of Mormon (because she is less active & really wanted a new copy). Oh my days. It was the craziest appointment. Their dogs were going psycho & kept jumping on us & fighting with each other. And the two people we were visiting never stopped talking. It was like they didn't even have to breathe between sentences, they were just a never-ending stream of words. They would talk over each other as well, so I would listen to one & sister Carr to the other. It was chaos. 

- My companion threw a spoon at my head (I'm gonna let you guess why).

- We went to the White Cliffs in Dover! At one point, we got stuck & legitimately had to climb a cliff (not even joking, & it was tall, & it was scary) 

- I felt sick so I took NyQuil at 7pm (idk what's wrong with me for thinking it'd be a good idea to take it 3.5 hours before I'm actually supposed to go to bed).  I can't remember anything that happened since like 8:15 on & ended up falling asleep at 9:15.

Sorry for the disorganisation of this email. I love you. 

Sister Sydney Johannes

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