Monday, November 16, 2015

ALMA 13:24

Ahhhh I love you all. Thanks to everyone who has sent me an email or letter. I cannot thank you enough for all the love you have shown me. 

Crazy Ipswich Sisters
For pday, Sister Chou & I went to lunch with the Elders & then tried to help them buy matching companionship ties... Which they didn't even end up buying. Then we had a dinner appointment with Tan, his girlfriend, & some members who were moving to Utah a couple days after. 

On Tuesday we met a potential investigator from France at the Uni. Oh. My. Days. Most awkward lesson (if you can even call it that hahah) I've ever had. She decided to meet us at the bus stop, so we figured she would then walk with us to her flat. But no. We just taught a lesson standing next to the bus stop. We talked to her about what we do as missionaries & the Book of Mormon. At the end, Sister Chou asked if we could say a prayer with her, & then she got really awkward, & we felt awkward, & finally we prayed, set a return appointment, & went our separate ways. But oh man. It was such a weird lesson. 

On Wednesday we had a normal day, but had correlation at 7:30. We were the only missionaries that showed up on time. We ended up waiting with our ward mission leader for 30 minutes until the Elders could come. The other sisters weren't able to make it because they had lost their phone in London. So correlation started super late, but was so good. Our ward mission leader read with us Alma 13:24, which says: 

"For behold, angels are declaring it unto many at this time in our land; and this is for the purpose of preparing the hearts of the children of men to receive his word at the time of his coming in his glory."
Sister Chou

He then applied this scripture to us as missionaries serving in Colchester. There are over 200,000 people in our area, if many are being prepared by angels to receive our message, why aren't we finding them? One of the key points we discussed was how a humble heart is necessary for true conversion. So there may be thousands of people being prepared, but if they aren't humble, they won't listen. Correlation honesty felt like a district or zone meeting. The spirit was so strong & our ward mission leader was able to motivate each of us to go find those thousands that are prepared. 

On Thursday, we had zone training meeting. The trainings that were given were so amazing, but there was a lot of tension among the missionaries which made it a hard meeting to sit through.  

On Friday, we had an exchange with our sister training leader, Sister Shegikyo. So we got to be in a trio again hahahah. It was also her one year mark, so we celebrated with cake & ice cream. 
On Saturday, the elders picked us up early in the morning to do service. We went to a member's home to tear down her house... Literally. She is remodelling her home, so we spent the whole time taking down walls. We also had dinner with the Bueno family! 

Sunday was good! We got to go into nursery to teach singing time, which was probably the highlight of my day. We also taught a lesson with the Elders, had lunch with a member, & did our weekly planning (two days late because we have been so busy).

Sister Sydney Johannes

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