Monday, November 16, 2015


Okay okay okay. Time is going by so fast. I say that every week, but it's so true. I cannot get over how quickly this transfer has gone by. In a week we have move calls again & I just can't believe it. 

Random things that happened:
-Our district had to do a musical number at Zone Conference this week. 
-Sister McLean, Sister Fitts, & I were finally reunited at Zone Conference. 
-After Zone Conference the Elders' gps stopped working so we got lost. It took us double the amount of time it usually does to get home. 
-Our investigator, Sabrina, is on date to be baptised on the 5th of December! She is from China & has no beliefs, but has such a strong desire to learn. Ahhhh I love her. 
-I had to go to a doctors appointment & waited for two hours for the doctor. We ended up having to leave to go to an appointment so we waited for two hours for no reason.
-Alaina, a recent convert, took us to eat at a really yummy Italian restaurant. 
-There is a castle in Colcheter & I finally took a picture of it. (See side pic) 
-It rains everyday. Every. Single. Day. 
-There are only 39 days til Christmas (I think)

Okay now I'll share a miracle with you! Every week we go into a Chinese takeaway shop to get dinner because we love Chinese food. One of the employees is a man named Chris who is English & a delivery driver for them. A few weeks ago we invited him to church & he said no. Then we saw him again this week & he said he is too busy to come to church because he is remodelling his home. I told him that we would be willing to help him anytime & he said he would call if he needed us. Okay now fast forward to Sunday! We were a bit sad going into church because none of our investigators were able to come, but when we walked in, Chris was there! He came to church all on his own! He said it was because we offered to help him, so he may as well come to church. He ended up staying for all three hours. He has been to many different churches, but he has never been to one like ours. He loved how friendly everyone was & how it felt like a family. He is interested in learning more & we set up a return appointment for this Tuesday! 

Missions are hard, but the miracles you see each day make the rough times worth it. This is the Lord's work. He is here to support each missionary as they dedicate their time & efforts to Him.  I'm grateful that I have this opportunity to share the gospel & that the Lord trusts me with his children. 


Sister Sydney Johannes

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