Tuesday, October 6, 2015


SEPT 21ST Sister Top was feeling ill, so after emailing, grocery shopping, & haircuts (I cut all of my hair off) we took a nap & I made cookies for less actives & investigators & made calls for the rest of the week while she rested. 
SEPT 22ND We started our day as usual, but had to leave the flat at 9:15 so we could run by Tesco & pick up some medicine for Sister Top. Then we went to the train station to meet our sister training leaders for exchange. Sister Top went to London with Sister Grant & I stayed in Bedford with Sister Epicoco. We did ton of finding together & also stopped by Lesley's home to do service & share a message. We met soooo many strange people while we were finding, but also some really amazing people, so we are excited for all of them.
Sisters Grant, Top, Johannes, Epicoco
SEPT 23RD Sister Epicoco & I walked to the train station at 9:30 & waited for 15 minutes for the other sisters to come. Then we exchanged back & Sister Top & I rode our bikes straight to district meeting. We were late, & Sister Top was ill, so it was an interesting meeting. After that, we had district lunch with everyone & then we went home so Sister Top could sleep. After that, we went to a dinner appointment in Sandy with a really adorable family. Then we came home & did planning & went to sleep early.

Sister Epicoco & I
SEPT 24TH This morning we visited our investigators Winnie & Mark & taught them about the Book of Mormon. Then we went to our investigator Bloo's home. We watched the restoration with her & halfway through I thought about my bag & realized I didn't have it. Turns out, I left it outside in my bicycle basket for over 30 minutes & no one stole it! Our investigator said, "Wow! God must really be on your side!" Hahahha. After that, we went to the chapel to send a message to another one of our investigators, & then we went home for lunch. After eating we walked to visit an old lady named Doreen & we sang to her. Then we came home & made a cake for someone's birthday & a lovely member brought us dinner.

SEPT 25TH We had weekly planning in the morning & then ran to a potential investigator's home for a lesson but no one was home (typical). Then we went back to our flat for lunch & on the way met a 17 year old Jehovah witness girl. She was so lovely & we are teaching her next week. Then we had a lesson with Ben! He is so awesome. He is the happiest person I have ever met & so nice. He kinda thinks he's a prophet though & was making predictions about us & said it came from Jesus. He said I am a peacemaker & can enter into areas of trouble &, with the joy that's in my heart, bring tranquility & peace. He also said that I will bring the Kingdom of God once again onto earth. Ehhh? Okay Ben. Then we had a dinner appointment with the Nendik's & Sister Fourie came along as well so we could celebrate her birthday together. 

SEPT 26TH This morning, we met a girl in our ward (Elly) in town & got lunch, then she spent the rest of the day with us. We went to teach a man named Phil who actually goes to the same church as Ben, Winnie, & Mark. The lesson was interesting because members of this church are so knowledgeable about the bible & have very strong beliefs. I love teaching each of them because I learn so much. There is so much that I can learn from each of my investigators, sometimes I feel like they teach me more than I teach them! After that lesson, we met with a few more investigators & then Elly's mom came to pick her up. Then we met the Elders at a members home & emptied her pool for her, then ate dinner. 
SEPT 27TH We had to be at the church at 7:30 am this morning to go to ward council. After that, we had church. There were soooo many people at church this Sunday it was so exciting! After church we had a Munch & Mingle (it's like a potluck lunch) with the ward. Then we went with Sister Evan, the relief society president, to visit Carol (recent convert) but she wasn't home. Then we came to our flat & had some food, then went to visit Lesley. 

Sister Sydney Johannes

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