Tuesday, October 6, 2015


SEPT 28TH Today was my four months mark! Crazy it's been that long already. We started off the morning by studying, cleaning, & emailing. Then we ate lunch, bought some bread, & fed the ducks (as usual). After, we went to Lesley's to clean her fish tank for her. 
SEPT 29TH Today was really long. My back has been hurting really bad since I got to the field & today was the worse day so far, & it was the day we did the most walking. We went to Biggleswade & tried to contact some less actives but none were home. Then we contacted a referral & she wasn't home but her son was so we got his phone number. Then we went to dinner with the Hopcrofts
 (I love them).
SEPT 30TH We went all over town today because we had so many appointments. We had an appointment with Phil (one of the many people we are teaching from that one church). He was a lot nicer this time. Then we had an appointment with Ben (another one of the members of that church) & his realy cool friend from Australia was there & was really interested. He is our new investigators so we are now officially teaching 7 members from the same church hahahah. Then we had correlation with our new ward mission leader and his wife. 
OCT 1ST We had to wake up at 5:30 to go to zone meeting in Northampton. The meeting was so powerful & the spirit was so strong. After zone meeting, our zone leaders took Sister Top & I to the bus station because he had to bring a vacuum cleaner with us back to Bedford, but the zone leaders got really lost on the way. When we finally got to the station, the Bedford Elders met us & we found out that Elder Fisher had gotten punched in the face by a drunk Irish man. Then we road the bus home & immediately got an another bus to go to a dinner appointment. 
OCT 2ND We had weekly planning, then we went to go visit a less active & her two sons. They told me that Kanye West was going to run for president, so that's neat. Then we ran to all of our investigators' homes to invite them to General Conference. 
Doreen! She is an older lady we sing to a couple times a week
OCT 3RD We started our morning by going to Northampton to watch the Women's Session of General Conference. Then we came home & watched the Saturday morning session of Conference with Lesley & her friend. The time difference is so weird though because we were watching it at 5pm hahaha.
OCT 4TH We stopped by some less actives & then went to the chapel to watch the Saturday afternoon session with the Elders. Then we went to Milton Keynes (which is where S
ister Yucra is now!) to watch the Sunday morning session.
Ever since my grandpa passed away I have been praying to know that he is okay & happy now, & it wasn't until today that I received my answer. President Nelson & Eyring talking about the death of the three apostles & testifying that they, along with other loved ones, were safe & happy, dwelling with our Heavenly Father, strengthened my testimony of the plan of salvation. I know that our Heavenly Father has created a divine plan for each of us that allows us to see our loved ones again. I know that my grandpa is here, supporting me as I serve the Lord & I know I will see him again.

Thank you for all of your support! I love each of you so much. Continue being you because you are amazing ❤️

Sister Sydney Johannes

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