Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Oh my I cannot believe we are already halfway through this transfer & it's already pday again. Time goes by soooo fast. 
SEPT 15TH After emailing we did grocery shopping and bought so much food. We bought a bag of pasta the size of my dog & three boxes of cereal cuz it was on sale. Biking home was crazy cuz my bike is broken. The handle bar is not straight so every time the handle bar is facing forward the bike tire is turned 45 degrees to the right. Plus, we got so much food & it was raining so we just looked silly riding home. After that, we went to Cranfield to teach someone from China named Sipu. He requested a Book of Mormon because he loves the NBA & Utah Jazz is his favorite team. We put him on date for baptism & he is so excited to continue learning. 
SEPT 16TH We visited lots of people today, so it was a pretty crazy day. When we got home and had finished planning a private number called us & it was a gay man who wanted to know more about our church. So we explained to him about it & then he wanted to know if he could join the church if he and his partner were still together. Then he wanted to know if there was a "smoking garden" that he could use so he could smoke at church. Hahahah it was such a crazy call. At the end he said, "idk if this is the church for us... But we will come to church on Sunday & if anyone picks on us, we are leaving!" 
SEPT 17TH This was such a good day because we finally got new bikes!!!! They are normal people sized so we don't look like clowns anymore! AHHHH we were so excited. Now I never want to stop riding my bike cuz it's so nice. After getting our bikes, we went to do some finding at the embankment & ran into some really strange people. Then we went to go find Roger (the old man that sang to us) & a policewoman yelled at me for biking in the footpath. Then we saw Roger on the side of the road in his wheelchair so we wheeled him home. 
SEPT 18TH We had weekly planning today and after that we went to some appointments but all of them were cancelled, then we went to St Neots to visit with the Miller family. They are the family with the two kids on date for baptism. Their family friend was in the room when we taught about the restoration of the gospel and he asked what would happen if you died & didn't have any beliefs but you were a good person. So we explained to him about the spirit world & how everyone has the opportunity to accept or reject the gospel. He started crying because he knew his uncle, who had died recently, would be okay. It was so powerful & he wants to be taught, but is only 14 so we have to get permission from his parents. 
Kristin, our nine year old investigator
SEPT 19TH We started our day by going to the library to meet an investigator named Mariusz. We didn't think he would actually come because he hadn't answered any of his calls from us, but he did come! He is from Poland and speaks zero English, so it was very difficult to teach him, but he is excited to learn more and we set up a return appointment with him. Then we went to go see a less active named Mary who had left the church 20 years ago, but was led back to the church & wants to learn more. She is so sweet & reminds me of my mom. Then we had a lesson with Sipu & his wife, Carina. We put her on date for baptism as well. She is so sweet & they are the most adorable couple I have ever seen. Then we all watched Meet the Mormons with the ward. While we were cleaning up after, Bro Donaldson & the bishop's kids were all trying to see how high they could get by climbing on top of each other (see picture).
SEPT 20TH All of the investigators we were expecting at church didn't come, so it was really sad. It was a good day at church regardless. After church, Sister Top felt ill so we came home & had to take the day pretty easy. 

Sister Sydney Johannes

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