Sunday, February 21, 2016


AHHHH I love and miss you. Thanks to everyone who has sent me emails recently. I cannot thank you enough for all the support you have given me. This week was pretty normal, nothing too special or too crazy.

MONDAY We went bowling with our district! I've wanted to go bowling my whole mission, & I finally convinced everyone to go. Yasssss. 

TUESDAY This morning we had district meeting, then went to lunch at a Chinese buffet, then to the university to teach our friend named Andrew. He is from New York! Seriously one of the only Americans I've met since coming to England hahaha. 

WEDNESDAY The best part of this day was that our recent convert, Liu, bought us lunch. We did a bunch of finding as well. In the evening, our district came together to watch a worldwide missionary broadcast. The leaders talked to us about teaching repentance & baptizing converts. One of the most powerful statements I heard was said by Elder Anderson. He said that if we speak of Him, Jesus Christ, He will speak of us to our Father in Heaven. As missionaries & representatives of Jesus Christ, we need to "always keep His name on our lips." We need to use every opportunity we have to share about Him & His resorted gospel. 

THURSDAY Today was an average day. In the evening we had a dinner appointment with the Watling's, but ended up accidentally arriving 40 minutes early. We decided to stop by a former investigator that lived in the area to make the most of the time. When we got there, she immediately let us in & was so excited to see us. We talked about her experience with missionaries in the past & she said that the reason she had stopped meeting with them before was because she had no time with the job she is working. But she recently got a new job & has time to meet with us again! She also shared that normally she is not back from work at the time we stopped by, but today she finished early! It was amazing that the Lord has provided both us missionaries & her with time to see each other this day! 

FRIDAY Today we met an older member in town to teach with us at the university. Oh my, she is so full of energy & loves life. It's impossible not to smile when you are around her. When we got to the uni we taught a 7 Day Adventist & committed him to baptism. Then we were supposed to teach two investigators at 2 & 3, but they both slept in... Until 3:30. Sometimes teaching uni students is hard hahahah but I remember doing the same thing when I was at byu, so I can understand them. Later that evening we also had a dinner with a part member family & they made us Indian spinach curry with fish & it was so good (MOM I ATE MORE FISH!!). 

SATURDAY Today we were supposed to teach one person, but they blocked our number, so we are lunch with the member we were with, Jason. He told us he wanted to study fashion & then critiqued our outfits hahaha. We saw some other people, & then made cookies for the ward. 

SUNDAY We had ward council & church. Four investigators came to church! It was a miracle because we didn't think they would all be able to come! After, we went to visit a care home & sang with the elders. Then went to the Bueno's home for lunch. 

- Because we are a Facebook mission, & we are in a university area, we have to start using Facebook to find investigators. So we add a bunch of random people, then message them & eventually lead it to a gospel conversation, then we set appointments, teach them, & baptize them (hopefully). It's so different than normal finding & I feel so creepy doing it, but we have gotten a few really good investigators by doing it. 
- Sister Lung & I are planning a ward activity for Chinese New Year & it will be sick. 

I love you all. Keep being you. 

Sister Sydney Johannes

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