Sunday, February 21, 2016


Okay I've rubbish at keeping a journal this transfer, so I can't really remember what happened this week. But in short: 

- We had exchange & I went to Ipswich while Sister Lung stayed in Colchester. She put someone on date for baptism in February & I taught a 10 year old Portuguese girl & met a crazy less active Chinese member. 
- Remember when I said how creepy we were & that we find people through Facebook? IT WORKED! We talked to someone & he said he wanted to meet right then, so we met him & put him on date for February! It's crazy! 
Taniesha & her family were baptised! 

- We had a really good lesson with a part member family we are working with & the mom (who is not a member) came to Taniesha's baptism & felt the spirit so strong. She wants to be baptised! 
- We had a service night where we packed boxes of food to give to the refugees in Calais. It was a fun night & my arms are super buff now from lifting all the heavy boxes. 
- I hit my 8 month mark! 
- I sing all the time. No joke. At church: singing. In a lesson: singing. Knocking on doors: singing.  Exercising: trying to sing but failing. Raining: singing. Sunny: singing. I don't even care anymore if people hear me sing because I know I'm terrible & I've embraced it. 
- Our friend who was baptized called the Melchizedek priesthood the mel-cheese-adek priesthood in his testimony lol. 

Okay now I'll share something I learned this week/this transfer/throughout my whole life:

It is necessary that we go through trials & hardships in order to become more like our Heavenly Father. In all things there must be opposition, but when we face that opposition & overcome it, we are able to learn & grow. We are able to become the person that our Father in Heaven sees us to be. Missions aren't easy, life isn't easy, & choosing to be a disciple of Christ will never be easy. But we can find comfort in knowing that after every trial, comes a blessing. Each challenge is leading us down a path to the best blessings. So never give up, just keep going. 

Sister Sydney Johannes

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