Monday, December 28, 2015


This week was a little bit crazy, but overall it was a good week. Can you believe there are only 18 days until Christmas?! Ahhhhh I'm so excited! Our mission has had a huge focus on our saviour because of the #asaviorisborn initiative. If you haven't seen the videos yet, go onto & check them out! Also share them with your friends! 
It's such a blessing to be on a mission during the Christmas season. The Christmas spirit is in (nearly) everyone's heart. People are more open & willing to talk with missionaries & we have been able to see miracles already! 

On Thursday, we made fudge for Sabrina because it was her birthday! We dropped it off with a card & when we said happy birthday she started laughing because it actually wasn't her birthday. Awkward. Her birthday is next Friday. Oh well! She loved it anyways! 

On Friday we celebrated Sister Chou's one year mark! We ended up getting on the wrong bus & got lost roaming around a field that is a military firing range. Finally we found a little pond & took pictures by it, them climbed over two fences to get back to the main road. Ahhhh memories. We also met with Sabrina later in the day & she said she is good to be baptised next Friday, the 11th! Yasssss! (Also her birthday! How great of a birthday gift is that?!)

I'm so grateful to be serving a mission. The most amazing experiences come as we invite others to learn about the gospel. The gospel changes people, & we are privileged enough to see it all happen. When we were talking to Sabrina about her baptism, we asked her what she had learned from us. Her answer wasn't what I expected at all, & it was so simple but changed my whole perspective on missionary work. "Love." 

Isn't that what the gospel is all about anyways? If we show someone genuine love, they can see a glimpse of the endless love our Heavenly Father has for them. Missionary work should be that simple because the gospel is that simple. 

Random things that happened:
-We had zone meeting, which was good. 
-The old lady we visit every Sunday with the Elders tried to take her clothes off while we were there. (You should have seen the Elders' faces hahahaha.) 
-I somehow managed to explode my hot chocolate in the microwave. 
-I have less than a year left on my mission. What?! Time seriously goes by so fast. 
-We ran into a less active convert from China at the Uni & he was so scared he almost ran away from us hahahaha.

Sister Sydney Johannes

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