Wednesday, October 21, 2015


OCT 13TH This was my last pday in Bedford. Wanted to cry real tears all day. We started our day by trying to see two investigators but they both cancelled last minute, then we emailed. After, we did some shopping & then went to a museum/art gallery with the Elders. The museum itself was kind of boring, but being with everyone made it a lot of fun. After that, Sister Top & I went to meet Ben (one of the many investigators from the same church) , Tim (Australian), & Josh (Australian) at a cafe so I could say goodbye. Then we went to Lesley's for dinner & I nearly cried when I hugged her goodbye. Man, I just love Bedford. 

OCT 14TH Transfer day! We woke up at 5:30 & got everything ready to go. The Elders met us at our flat to help us get my bags to the train station. On the way, one of the wheels on my suitcase broke, so that made the rest of the day difficult. Then we all said goodbye & we went into London to meet everyone else that was moving. Transfers makes me want to give away everything I own so I don't have to lug it around the London tube. After we finally got to Hyde Park Chapel, I met my companions (Chou from Taiwan & Faivakimoana from Australia) & we headed to Colchester. Sister Faivakimoana also had three bags & one of her wheels was broken as well. So it was the hardest time trying to get all of our things to our flat. On the tube, a nice mormon couple from Idaho helped us move all of our bags & get to our train. Truly a miracle. 

Then we got to the flat & it was sooooooo dirty. Oh my dang. So the first thing I did was clean. Then we ate lunch, did some finding, & went to correlation with the Elders (Alvey from Utah & Isaksen from Norway). 

OCT 15TH We had district meeting this morning & the infamous trio (that's us) had to do the gap (teach a principle in two minutes using a scripture, question, & commitment). It went well, considering we practiced working in unity during our companion study that morning. After the meeting, Sister Faiv & I played on the piano. She played music while I freestyle sang. Hahahahah it was too much fun. Then we went to go see a potential at the University of Essex, but he never showed up, so we did some finding instead. I found a really cool investigator from China named Li while my companions talked to another investigator (perks of being in a trio). 

They already think I'm nuts
OCT 16TH Started our day with weekly planning, & we all realized how hard we have to work to build our teaching pool this transfer. Then we went to visit a 92 year old woman I'm our church named Macey. While we waited for her, Sister Chou taught us some Chinese, & we sang a million different hymns. After seeing Macey, we went to the university for an appointment with Li, but she had to move the appointment to a different day, so we saw a recent convert instead. Then we did some finding & came to our flat for dinner. Then we went to the chapel to play volleyball with the youth. 

OCT 17TH Today we went to the university to eat lunch with Tan, who will be baptized on Friday! He made us Chinese food & taught me & Sister Faiv how to eat with chopsticks. After, we went to visit a less active & her family. Then we ran to our flat & the Elders picked us up to go to stake conference in Ipswich. 

OCT 18TH We went to stake conference at the University of Essex this morning. Man, so good. I also got to see Sister Fitts (one of my MTC companions) because we are in the same zone now! After, they had a meeting for all new & returning members. We brought Tan to it so we had to stay as well. As each of them was sharing their conversion story, the spirit was so strong. It made me so proud to be a missionary & have the privilege to share such a life changing message with people. After the meeting, Tan had his baptismal interview so we just hung around the University. Then we went to our bishop's house for lunch with the Elders. After, we went to go see three members & none of them were home. 

Sister Sydney Johannes

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