Monday, October 19, 2015


I'm 1/4 of the way through my mission & it honestly feels like I got to the mission field yesterday.   When people say your mission goes by really fast, they aren't joking. This transfer is already over & I'm leaving Bedford. I am crying real tears because I'll miss all the amazing people I've met. AHHHH Bedford. Best birthplace ever. I'm going to Colchester, kinda near the coast I think. I will be in a trio for two weeks & then one of the sisters will go train & whitewash an area

I can't really remember what happened on each day of the week. So I'm just going to throw an email together & hope it makes sense. 
We are teaching six people from the same church, & each of them is slowly progressing. One of them, Phil, was very argumentative when we first met with him, but his heart is slowly being softened. We taught him the Plan of Salvation this week & he was actually letting himself learn something new, when he normally tries to bible bash us. The member we brought with us, Marcia, bore her testimony on the Plan of Salvation & I followed with mine. You could see, as he was listening, that the Spirit touched his heart. AHHHH so neat.
We are also teaching someone named Ben, and when we were teaching him the second time his friend Tim, from Australia, joined in on the lesson. And the third time we taught Ben, Tim & another friend, Josh, joined in. They are all YSA age & a lot of fun. They ask so many good questions when we are teaching so it is so exciting for me & Sister Top. 

One day I made really good tacos for lunch. They were honestly the best tacos I've ever eaten.
AHHHH! Our investigator/part-member family's dog had puppies! See the picture of me waiting at the bus stop. Every time we go to visit the Millers we miss the bus & end up having to wait for over 40 minutes. 
Oh & on Sunday we went to the church that all our investigators go to! It was weird. It was good being able to see how other churches are run though. One of the members we met named Evan was so paranoid that we were there & kept questioning Phil on why he was meeting with us. We also met another guy named Tim (there were like 6 Phils & 5 Tims at this church.. so crazy) who is from Oklahoma. He was interested in meeting with us & Phil sometime. He asked me why I decided to serve a mission & what my testimony was, so I told both of them that I know the Book of Mormon is true, & because of that, I know Joseph Smith was called by God to restore His church once again on earth. I went on for just two minutes, but the Spirit was so strong. Both of them were so surprised, but you could see that they felt the spirit. So neat. Sister Top was telling me afterwards how impressed she was with my confidence & boldness that I used when I bore my testimony. 
I also gave my first training at district meeting this week! It didn't go as bad as I thought it would, but could have been a lot better. Good thing I have 14 months to perfect my training hahaha.
I also dropped my bike & the handlebar stabbed into my foot. Flipping heck. Hurt so bad. 

Sister Sydney Johannes

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