Tuesday, September 1, 2015


What?! I'm done training & I've been on my mission for over three months! Time goes by sooooo fast. This week was transfers & Sister Yucra is leaving me! I'm staying in Bedford & getting a new companion from Norway, Sister Top. Both of the Elders are leaving because Elder Alvey will be a zone leader & Elder Toa will be a district leader! But that means the Elders are getting whitewashed & the new ones won't know what's going on in Bedford & one of them is a brand new missionary. So I'll have to lead the pack here for a little bit hahahaha crying cuz I'm scared. 
AUGUST 24TH Today it rained all day, & I still don't have rain boots, a rain jacket, or a working umbrella. After grocery shopping, we met the Elders at this really cool cafe. I wish I would have taken pictures. It was so rad inside. We ended up staying in there for nearly 2.5 hours so we could avoid being in the rain. After that, we roamed around town centre & then went back to our flats to make cookies & brownies. 

AUGUST 25TH  We visited a former investigator & committed her to baptism. Then we had a dinner appointment with the Nendick's! They are this lovely older couple in our ward who have lived in the Bedford ward since they were baptized 30 years ago. We ate steak, potatoes, & peas & halfway through the dinner I dropped a pea on the floor. For the rest of the night & at church on Sunday the Nendick's made fun of me for that. But I love them so it's okay. 
AUGUST 26TH Today we had a lunch appointment with Bel & Kismet, recent converts! I love them. Bel's son, Ashreal, is 4 & always wants to pray, but when he prays he just tells stories & closes "in Jesus name, amen." He's adorable. 

AUGUST 27TH This morning me had district meeting & Sister Yucra had to give a training (hallelujah I didn't have to). After that, we had district lunch. We bought kinder eggs & whatever was inside them was the prediction of where each of us would be going. I got a dog... Idk how that links to me saying in Bedford, but hey! I'll take it hahaha
AUGUST 28TH Today we didn't do much. We had our last weekly planning together & it was hecka long. Then we found all day.

AUGUST 29TH Today we had a picnic with the ward & then we put Bruce on date for baptism!! It's such a miracle! He is the investigator who was researching on antimormon websites, but we talked about faith & he accepted that sometimes we don't know everything, but God does. So he's been praying (miracle) & reading the Book of Mormon (miracle) & hasn't read any anti stuff in a week (miracle) & came to church this Sunday (miracle). There were so many times when our zone leaders & district leaders told us to drop him, but what I've learned since the beginning of my mission is to NEVER GIVE UP ON ANYONE. The gospel is for everyone. 
"The seeds you are planting will grow, some just grow faster than others! Remember, the ones that take longer to grow have deeper roots, and will live longer so think of that as a testimony, the deeper the root of the testimony the stronger it will be and it will endure trials to become strong and steadfast. There is a tree that only grows above tree line. You can find them close to BV. It grows all twisted and only needs little water but lives for centuries. Someone once tried to plant the seeds at a lower elevation, but the trees didn’t live very long. They only live long where they have to endure wind, dryness, and harsh weather because they adapt to become strong against the elements. When it is too easy for them to grow, they don't adapt to become strong and they die. They need the “trials" to strengthen them so they become strong and live a long time. Our testimony's are similar. We need to endure to become strong. And some people need time to grow. Be patient, I know you are touching lives you may not even realize yet, but someday they will thank you." -Kimalee Armstrong (thank you! I love you!)


Sister Sydney Johannes

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