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August 17th Today we had district p-day, so a couple hours before everyone came we did some finding with the Elders in town. Then we all went home & changed into normal clothes & met the missionaries from Huntingdon back in town. We went to an expensive Chinese buffet (I wanted to die cuz it was £8 & I don't even like Chinese food) & then to a park to play games. 
The district (minus Elder Alvey): Sister Katrnakova, Sister Yucra Laura, Sister Swann, me, Elder Jensen, Elder Koehler, Elder Toa
August 18th We found in the morning & ran into one of our potential investigator's  husband. He kinda got mad about Mormonism, but in the end, he invited us to eat lunch with him & his wife later this week.

August 19th Today we had a lesson with Bruce & Kevin (the man who hates America). Bruce came having done his research on anti-Mormon websites. He asked us a bunch of questions that didn't make sense, but told us that Mormonism could be true, so he wanted to keep learning. 
Me when everyone is reading Anti-Mormon websites instead of the Book of Mormon (I kinda looked like an elderly man as a child lol)
August 20th We had district meeting this morning & learned about putting people on date for baptism & the importance of having the Holy Ghost with us. After the meeting, Sister Yucra & I walked to town & met our potential investigator for lunch. But she actually didn't have food... So we just sat on a bench & had a lesson. It was going so well & she had agreed to meet with us for all the lessons & come to church. The Elders came into town halfway through it & were taking pictures of us teaching. Then, as soon as the Elders left, our investigator started yelling at us & called the Book of Mormon blasphemous because it says it is "comparable to the bible" in the introduction. Then a nice lady came up to talk to us about church & our investigator stole this new potential investigator from us & told her she would bring her the bible to study. Then she stole Sister Yucra's scriptures. Lol it was interesting. 

August 21st Today we finally put someone on date for baptism! His name is James! After that we ran into some of our former investigators & listened to a guy sing Ed Sheeran songs (crying cuz I love Ed Sheeran). Then we went to Lesley's home to do service with the Elders. 
August 22nd We had a lesson with Bruce & Kevin again & they called us brainwashed. Bruce was trying to convince us that what we believe was false because of the "facts" he found on the anti-Mormon websites. I started crying in the middle of the lesson & Bruce felt really bad & told us he would never do anything to hurt us because we are "such lovely girls." Then he continued to bash our beliefs.

August 23rd Today was a rough day because none of our investigators came to church & then got a text from James saying that he couldn't take any church seriously & doesn't want to get baptized. He says he still wants to meet with us, but "don't try to baptize me!!" We will see how that all pans out. After that, we went finding in town & I spoke to this older man. When I asked him what makes him happy he said "nothing." He told me it was because his wife passed away a few months ago. He isn't religious at all & couldn't understand how there could be a god with so many bad things happening. I shared my testimony about the Plan of Salvation & how God has a plan for each of us. He lit up when he found out he could see his wife again. 
The District 2.0
Even though this week has been hard, I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to share a message of hope & happiness. My testimony has been strengthened so much this week & I know without a doubt at the Lord has a plan for me, & you, & everyone we meet. He lives & He loves us. 

Also, shout out to Kendall Smith (love you) for sending me this: 
Even if you don't think you are making a difference, you are. Just remember Abinadi. He probably thought he had no success in converting the people, but he changed the heart of Alma, even just one person, who changed the lives of generations of people. Even something as little as your example can change people's perspectives, or can change their lives down the road. The Lord prepares people, and present day failures might turn out to be future successes! You never know! Just keep doing you and being amazing, and I'm sure the Lord will provide for you! 

P.S. Today is my Dad's Birthday!! I love you, Dad!

Sister Sydney Johannes

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