Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Lol if you're going to only read part of this entry read August 15th & then pray for me & Sister Yucra. 

August 10th Today, after the usual pday things, we met up with the Elders & roamed around the embankment (it's this place on the river & it's like a long park thing... sorry that made no sense lol) trying to figure out something fun to do. We ended up walking to the Elders flat so they could grab the brownies they had made & Sister Yucra & I waited outside for forever while they did that. Then we went back to the embankment & fed a squirrel some brownies for 45 minutes & then watched Elder Toa climb a tree. 
Elder Toa Climbing the tree. Elder Alvey taking his picture
After that, Sister Yucra & I had an exchange with the Sister Training leaders & I got to stay in Bedford with Sister Grant. 

August 11th Today Sister Grant & I taught a man & his friend about the restoration. It was the hardest lesson I've ever had to teach because his friend hates America... And I'm from America. So he hated on America the whole time & told me I had been brainwashed by my parents to believe what I had testified about. He's convinced that America created our church so that they could take over the world.... Ya ok? How about not? 
After that, we had lunch with Bel (recent convert from Ghana) & her family. She's the best. I love her. Then we stopped by potential investigators' houses. We met one who was acting like someone in a horror movie would act. So like, super sketchy. Then we exchanged back.

August 12th Today was pretty much like ever other day. We found all day, then met an investigator at the library. She brought her friend & we didn't really teach a lesson because they just wanted to know how America is different from the UK. Then we went to the park with the Elders to do finding & we met this super nice girl from Costa Rica who is on holidays right now. I had no idea what she was saying to Sister Yucra, but she smiled a lot so I'm assuming she was nice. 
Buckingham Palace

August 13th Today we woke up at 5:30 am to go to London for Zone Conference. Elder Alvey served in London for 6 months, so he was our lil tour guide. We got to see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, & Hyde Park. It was fun being a tourist for a little bit. Then we went to the Hyde Park Chapel for the meeting. After the meeting we talked to pretty much everyone in the St. Albans and Northampton stake. I also got to meet Sister Amanda Kerr! We had followed each other on social media since we both got our calls & finally got to meet! 
Buckingham Palace with Elder Alvey, Elder Toa, & Sister Yucra
August 14th Today we had weekly planning, then we took a bus so we could go to a meal appointment with a member, Sister Evan. We ended up missing our bus stop though, so Sister Evan had to come pick us up from a KFC in the next town over. 

August 15th Hahahahahahha today was weird. We met a man & he told us he is an armed robber & 'shoots people, shoots them right in the face.' But instead of freaking out ,like we probably should have, we just invited him to church & told him God loves him. Like, we were so calm & I have no idea why. After that, we met this guy named James who was talking to us about how he likes going to different churches so we invited him to ours & we texted him the address. Later on he texted us back saying: "Hi Sister Johannes. What kind of movies do you like? Sound of Music? ;)" lol lol lol we died laughing because earlier in the day we got a text from a potential investigator saying, "hi dear and pretty sister I am ok thinking about both of you so sweet and religious." 
Big Ben (basic London picture lol)
August 16th None of the missionaries in Bedford were expecting investigators to come to church today, but a miracle happened! Five visitors who weren't members showed up! They all loved church, too! So the Elders are going to start teaching all of them! 
- There is an Italian lady named Leena who sells ice cream in town centre & she sometimes gives us free ice cream. 
- Our zone leaders said sister Yucra & I were their favourite companionship cuz we are always working hard. 
- The APs called & asked if we could fit two sets of sisters in our flat so we might have four sisters in Bedford next transfer! 
- I got stuck in the ticket machine during rush hour in the tube. Lol life is hard. 

Thank you for all the sweet emails I received this week! And all the prayers. I cannot thank you all enough.  
❤️ Sister Sydney Johannes

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