Monday, August 10, 2015


 This has been one of the hardest weeks of my entire life. 

August 3rd After grocery shopping, cleaning, & emailing, we met the Elders in town & bought cookie supplies & bread. Then we went to the river & fed all the ducks & geese. It was honestly the funnest Pday I've had since coming on my mission. There's not a whole lot to do in Bedford so we missionaries are pretty easily entertained. After that, we went to a less active's house to make cookies & watch Meet the Mormons
Elder Toa feeding the Geese
August 4th We started off our day by doing service with the Elders at the chapel. There is whole entire house attached to the back of our chapel & it is full of random furniture & clothes, so we had to organize all of that with a crazy member from a different ward. She kept calling all of us Fred & threatened to knock Elder Alvey out a few times. After that, we met our investigator, Chen, & his friend, Chu, at the bus station to go to the chapel. We gave them a chapel tour & it went really well. They are from China & have no background of religion at all, so we have to start at the very very very beginning when we teach them. 

August 5th Today we found all day. When I find for that long I kinda feel like dying so to make it more fun I spoke in a Scottish accent for over an hour. 

August 6th We had a District Meeting in the morning & talked about how we can be more effective teachers. Then we found for the rest of the day. We met this super nice man who is disabled & he has gone through some of the hardest trials, but his belief in God is so strong. He agreed to meet with us & told us we were amazing young women because we had decided to sacrifice 18 months of our lives to bring people happiness. 

"Same" (to the thing stuck on the mailbox)
August 7th Today we had weekly planning & after that, we went to St Neots to meet with am investigator. The lesson went well & her & her family are all interested in learning more & being baptized. Then we had dinner at a member's house. Then we missed our bus & had to wait 35 minutes in the dark for our bus & the only places around us that we're open were pubs so we just had to chill outside. Then we got back to Bedford & pretty much ran home because we were going to be late & the creepers were out. Then we had call-ins with Elder Alvey & in the middle of it our mission president called, but we didn't answer it so he left a message. He told us that he needed to speak with me so I was terrified that I was in trouble. I called him back & tried to kick Sister Yucra out of the room so I didn't get rebuked in front of her, but she refused to leave because she knew what was coming. President Stevens told me that my grandpa had passed away earlier that day. 

So after crying for what seemed like forever, we finally got to go to bed. But right when we were saying goodnight our zone leader, Elder Toledo, called. He said he had felt a strong feeling that he needed to call us & very quickly he found out why the spirit was telling him to call. He told me all kinds uplifting words & then forced me to get out of bed & write in my planner: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. Then he asked me to say a prayer over the phone & I cried the whole time.

The YSA girls in the ward. (Marcia & Sandra)
August 8th We went banner finding with the Elders & there was a man playing really sad violin music next to us & I started crying in the middle of town centre. 

August 9th Chu, Chen, & their friend, Wang, came to church today! It was such a blessing because we weren't expecting them to at all. We taught them the Plan of Salvation in the last two hours of church & I cried in front of all of them as well. But they said that we were all friends & invited us over to eat Chinese food, so it's all okay. 

Later that night I got to Skype my family. It was amazing being able to see & hear all of them. We shared stories & laughed together & it made the pain go away for a little bit.

Thank you for all the prayers & emails. I cannot thank you all enough!

Sister Sydney Johannes

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