Tuesday, July 14, 2015


This week was 10/10. We met or exceeded almost all of our weekly goals & found 8 new investigators. It was the best week we've had together. Ahhh we are so blessed. I love being a missionary so so so much. 

July 6th Two missionaries from another district in our zone (Sister Fillmore & Sister Niguera) came to spend pday with us in Bedford. It's usually just us & the elders, & as much as we love elder Wright & elder toa, it was nice to be with some other sister missionaries for the day. We didn't really do a whole lot, but just getting to know each other a little more was enough to make it a good pday. We also got two new investigators, so we started off our week super strong which helped to motivate us throughout the rest of the week. 

July 7th We got to go over to one of the recent convert's home for dinner & wow she makes the best food ever. She is from Ghana so all of her food is really spicy, but it is SO good. Sister Yucra doesn't like spicy food so she is always dying a little when we eat there. Her & the three year old son both have to eat a different food with less chile. 

July 8th  It was such a good day. We worked soooo hard & really gave it our all. We ended up getting four new investigators today! We never get that many so I wanted to cry tears of joy after each one. We also went to visit a less active & when I called she told me to "bring something nice," so I made cookies & we brought that over. Then when we got there & called for her to let us into the building she told us to "get lost!" So I quickly told her I brought her something nice & she said, "okay fine. Make it quick." Needless to say, she was a very bitter lady. But she loved us (I think) because we sang to her her favourite hymn & she gave me a hug when I left. #success. After we left her home a man came to talk to us & was asking us about religion & when I was in the middle of bearing my testimony to him we interrupted & said, "can I insult you?" So I said no. Then he said, "Americans have the most annoying & nasally accents I have ever heard." Now I gotta start working on my English accent big time so people won't make fun of me for being American. Ugh I love America tho. 

July 9th Today we had a pretty normal day & just visited some less actives & investigators. We also found two new investigators. 

July 10th Today we had weekly planning in the morning & sometimes instead of it being the usual two hours it was Four. Hours. Long. It was so long halfway through I thought I was gonna die. But I survived & we have a really solid week planned. So all is good. After that we had to go to the bike shop because my bike tire had a hole in it. Then while we waited for that we met up with a new investigator in town. She is SO nice. She is from Jamaica & has a twelve year old daughter & they both are excited about coming to church next week. 

After that, we picked up my bike & went to a member's house for dinner & to do work in her garden (yard) with the elders. Doing service is my favourite thing because we can wear pants. There was a little neighbourhood girl over at their house when we were working & she asked how old I was & when I told her I was nineteen she said, "no you're not. You look like you're thirteen." Lolololol 😑 

July 11th So we decided that we would sing something for our investigator's baptism (by we I actually mean sister yucra because singing scares me), & we went to the chapel to practice it for about an hour today. It actually didn't go that bad so fingers crossed that it can go well in two weeks when we have to sing it in front of the whole ward. Also, we had found two new investigators in the area book & were so excited, then when we were looking up their address we realized that they were actually members & the old missionaries hadn't put a note that they were baptised. So we went from "YAY" to "wait what" really quickly. 

July 12th today I'm church I sat next to our nine year old investigator & she had drawn a picture of her & her little sister & brother. At the top of the page she wrote "I love my brother & my sister." She has two sisters though, so when i asked why she hadent drawn her other sister she said "I don't love her because she beats me up." I pretty much died laughing because she had said it in such a serious way & I want expecting it at all. 

Also, today I told sister Yucra that she was only allowed to speak to me in Spanish so that I could learn a language on my mission. It was perfect though because later in the day we ran into a woman who speaks only Spanish & we have a return appointment with her to teach her in Spanish. It'll probably be a lot of me nodding my head & saying "sí" after everything my companion says. We also found two super solid investigators who ended up living out of our boundaries so we had to give them to different missionaries. 

Have you read the talk by Elder Maxwell called "Willing to Submit?" If not you need to read it right now. It is SO powerful. It talks about submitting fully to the Lord & His purpose for each of us. It made me realise how truly blessed I am to have the gospel & a firm relationship with my Heavenly Father. He talks about how we need to evaluate ourselves & really see if we are following the Lord half-heartedly or not. He promised that as we submit ourselves to our Heavenly Father's will, we WILL find everlasting happiness & a greater source of knowledge & guidance. We need to focus all time, talents, & interests on the Lord, & act on every prompting we receive. "The more hesitation, the less inspiration." We are in the Lord's hands. He knows each of us personally, and if we follow him & use our agency to work as his disciple, great things will be brought to pass. 

Random things:
-the amount of people who ask if we are Jehovah's Witness is so high. It happens at least once a day. 
-one day I was drinking a capri sun & I blew the little pouch up with air & set it down. Then as soon as I had started to say something to sister Yucra it blew up in my face & got in my eyes. We both died laughing for like 30 minutes. 
-we bought ice cream cones expecting them to be normal size & when we opened them they were like a fourth the size. I was opening the package like, "how on earth did they fit twelve ice cream cones in this little box?" Well now I know. Because they were the tiniest ice cream cones I've ever seen hahaha

Love, Sister Johannes

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