Monday, July 27, 2015


This was kind of a hard week for us overall. We didn't see nearly as much success as we had last week & we started our week off with our investigator emailing us telling us she doesn't want to meet with us anymore. But no worries, cuz Sister Yucra & I are strong & we overcame every crazy thing that was thrown at us this week. 

July 13th We had a really weird pday because we didn't really do anything we had planned for. Sister Yucra has a wisdom tooth coming in so we had to run around all day to try to find a dentist that wouldn't make her wait two weeks for an appointment.

July 14th Today we had a meeting with our zone here in Bedford so that President Stevens could interview each of us. Halfway through the meeting we had a gap training. A gap is when you teach a principle in two minutes or less & you have to have an inspired question, a memorised scripture, a commitment, & a testimony included with the actual doctrine. So they are sort of challenging, but so so so helpful. At every meeting we have -- zone, district, mission, etc -- a companionship gets chosen to do a gap in front of everyone. And we were chosen to do one for the district meeting four days earlier & for the interview meeting. We had to teach Pray Often & it was the first time we had ever tried to do that in a gap.... But it actually went really well! The spirit was really strong & everyone said they couldn't believe I was such a new missionary. 

After interviews we went to our flat  to eat lunch & call some more dentists because we still hadn't found one that would see sister Yucra this week. Then we headed back to the chapel to lock it after all the missionaries. After that, we went tracting. One of the houses had a dog that tried to jump over the fence & eat us & in their window were these creepy masks (I'll send a picture of them). They scared me soooo bad when I saw them cuz I thought they were children watching us almost getting eaten by their dog. 

July 15th Today we had four appointments with four of our new investigators & every single one of them canceled. So we had a lot of time for finding today & a lot of it was spent tracting. One of the doors we knocked on was answered by this younger guy & he was acting strange then said "I gotta go" & slammed the door in our faces. When we walked by the window you could see him & a girl eating dinner at s table covered in candles. I died laughing cuz we interrupted their date & sister Yucra didn't even think it was funny hahahahahaha 

After that, one guy stuck his head out of a car window and yelled "hello beautiful!" & another creepy guy winked at me & did the call me sign. & all of this happened while we were riding our bicycles... In skirts & helmets. I just don't get it at all hahahahahah 

July 16th Today another one of our appointments cancelled. After finding that out, we decided to do some less active finding. We went to an area called elms farm & after walking around in circles for over an hour trying to find one rode, & asking everyone & their brother where this road might be, we finally found it. The less active let us in she started yelling at sister Yucra & sister Yucra was ready to run out of the hiuse, but I forced her to stay. I told the lady about a similar experience with the church that my family had had & she started to calm down. Then, after talking for a bit about why she left the church, we had to leave. She ended up giving me a hug & told me we could come visit a few times a month. This was soooo shocking cuz the first thing she said to sister Yucra was that she would never come back to our church. 

July 17th Lol today all of our appointments canceled again, so we did some street contacting pretty much all day. Then, after a really long day, we made homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to give to our people for the coming day. Sister Yucra had never had one so I forced her to eat a million of them.

July 18th This morning we went to do service at the home of one of our investigators & the elders came with us. We did work in their back garden (yard). After that, we took a bus to St Neots (about a 45 minute drive) & visited a really nice less active named Elaine. She is 95 years old but seriously looks like she is in her late 70s. When she told me she was that old i didn't even believe her. She was so lovely though! She has such a strong testimony so the reason she can't get to church is because she is in a wheelchair. We gave her some of our cookies & in return she gave us a thing of applejuice & cake to take with us. Wow I just love her.

After that we went to visit the investigator of ours who had recently tried to drop us. But we aren't letting her lolololol. So we brought cookies to her flat but she wasn't home. So I broke into the flat building by pretty much picking the lock (don't tell the police plz) & shoved the cookies through her mail slot. Sister Yucra was about to have a heart attack cuz she thought I was going to get in trouble. But I didn't. We survived. Then we left sad cuz we couldn't see our investigator but our day was flipped around really fast cuz we ran into her on the street! She told us about why she wanted to drop us & we solved that concern & she told us we were an answer to her prayers. 

Then I ended up forgetting my bag with my favourite cardigan & my rain jacket on the bus. So my day got flipped around again. 
July 19th At church, a million Americans showed up because they were on a family history tour. It was so exciting. They all sat behind me & it was like I was in my home ward again cuz everyone sounded normal when they sang! It's crazy because there are SO many people from SO many countries in England , but I NEVER meet Americans. 

After church, we went to a member's house for lunch & then to another member's for dinner with the elders. For dinner I had to make French toast for everyone so Sister Yucra & I were in the kitchen alone for a long time. We were dying laughing. Everything we both were doing was so funny. Lesley, the member, came in to see what we was taking us so long & realized it was because sister Yucra & I were both dying laughing at everything & had to rebuke us (not really because she is so nice). 

July 20th Hahahaahhah today was really bizarre to start off with. We had an appointment with a man named Steve at 11. So we were prepared to teach Steve, an English man with two kids who are 12 & 15. We were walking to the park when a man came up to us & he knew who we were. So we were like 'oh that's gotta be Steve.' So we taught the lesson to him. It. Was. The. Most. Confusing. Lesson. Steve was talking about how he parties with his friends & how he wanted to date me (obviously said no). Then he was talking about how he hates children & how having children will ruin your life. I was sitting there like "what?!?!?! You have two kids?! How?!" Obviously not out loud tho. Then he said he was 21 years old, so I was like "what?!?!?! How are your children so old?!" So I was sooo confused the whole entire time. And at the end sister Yucra asked me to pray & I was convinced this man couldn't be Steve but I didn't know his real name so in the prayer when I said his name I said it super low so no one could hear. Ya so turns out this man was not Steve, but another one of our investigators we had never met & because their phone numbers were both so similar, we thought we were teaching Steve. Lol struggles. 

After that, we went to Shortstown for a dinner appointment, but we went super early so we could have a long time to tract. We didn't end up finding anyone, but after dinner we got two new investigators by calling some potential investigators of ours. Then we had moves calls! Sister Yucra & I are staying together for another transfer! Our district leader is leaving to be a zone leader in a different zone! And every companionship in our zone but mine & one other have people leaving. There will be soooo many new people next transfer & it's so exciting! Plus we have two brand new missionaries coming to our zone so I'll no longer be the baby! 

July 21st Today is pday! We had a district breakfast here in Bedford to say goodbye to everyone leaving. Later we are going to a members house with the elders so elder Wright can say goodbye. That's pretty much all we have planned.

I love you all. Please send me emails everyday so I can have lots to read. 

Sister Sydney Johannes

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