Friday, June 12, 2015


this week went by so fast. i can't believe i'm leaving the mtc on wednesday. they have this saying in the mtc here & it goes: "the days feel like weeks & the weeks feel like days." that. is. so. true. during the day my companions & i will be counting down the hours until we finally get to go to bed & it always goes by sooooo slow. then i look back at my week & it doesn't seem possible that it could have gone by so fast.

I'm so excited to finally get to london, but i'm terrified to leave the mtc. i have come to love it so much & i'm so sad to leave!

june 3rd after emailing last wednesday, we went up to our room & relaxed & we all just ate a bunch of chocoalte in our beds. then we had dinner, & after dinner we had a devotional.

june 4th today was sooooo good. in both of the lessons we taught to our invesigators today we accomplished a lot! we were all teaching in unity & the spirit was felt so strong.

june 5th today felt very very long, but it was one of the most chill days we have had since coming to the mtc. we had interviews with president preston after breakfast & personal study. in mine, he told me how impressed he is with how far i've come since my first day at the mtc. i've seriously grown so much. my testimony has been strengthened & my confidence in my abilities as a missionary has increased from ground zero to a lot higher than that (still doubt myself sometimes so it's not quite so good hahahah). Also, brother wilford brought us outside to do a teaching exercise & two geese started walking towards us, then brother wilford kept walking towards them & the geese started hissing & running towards us. we all ran back inside & brother wilford followed & just laughed the whole time. honestly tho, one the the scariest moments of my life. after classes we had the opportunity to watch elder perry's funeral broadcast to the mtc. the words that elder perry has shared with us throughout his time serving are so powerful. he taught that we need not be afraid of the gospel of Jesus Christ, because that is our pathway to salvation. elder perry, as thomas s. monson said, 'served his country, church, family, fellowman, & god until his very last day.'

june 6th today was interesting. after breakfast we had personal study in our district rooms & my district leader said he needed to talk to me. automatically i was terrified i was in trouble. then he handed me a note that said one of the elders 'thinks you have beautiful eyes. and he is going to your mission.' so it was definitely not bad news hahahahah i just didn't know what to do so i just laughed. then later in the day one of the other elders asked for my email & i told him no, because we are going to the same mission. then i felt bad so i added 'but you can add me on facebook!' like what the heck sydney... missionaries don't even use facebook, plus it's just weird to say in general hahahahah. so everyone laughed & it was a lil awkward but that's okay.

june 7th today was fast & testimony day so for 24 hours we had to fast without food or water. my stomach was growling all day, but the spirit in church was felt so strongly so it was okay :) almost all of the missionaries in the mtc got up to bear their testimonies, including myself (i know, so shocking seeing as i'm always trying to avoid public speaking at all costs). i'm glad i did tho, everyone's testimonies have strengthened my own so it's nice to think that maybe mine did the same. after church we had a fun activity where each district got a bible or book of mormon story & we had to make a modern day skit of it. ours was so funny. like no joke, ours was the best (i'm only a lil biased lol).

june 8th today was super busy! we learned everything we needed to know before we went to our missions that we hadn't already learned -- so finding, using members, making goals, planning, and so on. then he had our last lesson with brother wilford & we all wanted to cry cuz sad we are leaving the mtc.

random things:

sister loynes, one of my teachers, has the st george temple as her computer background & every time i see it i smile (& miss home a little bit)

i ate fish & chips for the first time & i still hate fish. so so so much.
stranded at the airport before the MTC
... and after the MTC
Ready to go!

Love, Sister Sydney Johannes

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